Welcome to Pet Wellness Center


Pet Wellness Center opened in June 2018.  Founded by Dr. Tanner Ross, the hospital takes an integrative approach to total pet health and wellness by providing comprehensive medical, dental, surgical, nutritional and grooming support for pets and their people.  Dr. Ross believes in progressive, compassionate care for a lifetime.

Fear Free Care

We know veterinary visits can be scary for your pet.  The good news is it doesn’t have to be.  At Pet Wellness Center, we designed our clinic, flow and environment on reducing stress to pets and owners.  Colors, textures and experiences are softened, sounds are quieter and people are friendlier. We take a little more time and feed a lot more treats.  Our staff is trained on stress free pet handling techniques and are encouraged to take time to bond with your pet, and with you.  If your pet has specific fears or needs, we will do our best accommodate them as long as everyone stays safe.

We encourage our pet families to stop by any time for a treat and tour. You can enjoy a coffee while we shower your pet with love and affection (and treats!).   These bonding experiences create positive association for your pets and over time, they look forward to coming and seeing us.

Tanner Ross, DVM

Having grown up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, animal care has always been a way of life for Dr. Ross.  He knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career which allowed him to continue his passion for animals into adulthood. After graduating from University of Idaho with a degree in Animal Science and Microbiology, he continued to Washington State University to for his Veterinary Degree.

What Dr. Ross loves most about being a veterinarian is the long term relationships he forms with families and their pets.  He believes pet ownership enriches our lives and our health and he wants to help his pet and human clients enjoy long healthy lives together.   His approach to pet health goes way beyond traditional medicine, and emphasizes a strong emphasis on preventative care, dental treatment, nutrition, exercise and good hygiene.  His vision for Pet Wellness Center was to provide for all of your pet needs in a way that is easy, affordable and accessible.

When not practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Ross can be found doing home improvement projects with his beautiful wife of 13 years, spending time with his two human children – a daughter who loves riding horses and a son who enjoys playing sports – and at his hobby farm filled with chickens, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, dogs, a tortoise, and avocado and citrus trees.

Opening Pet Wellness Center has been a life long dream and he couldn’t be happier to serve the community of Murrieta, where he started his career and has received such a warm welcome.

All of your Pet Products

Delivered to your door

Pet care should be easy.   Our customers enjoy automatic home delivery of these regularly purchased items so they receive the necessities when they are needed.  It eliminates hassle and ensures that your pet doesn’t miss a dose of flea preventative or medications.